What is math?

A special brain?
Some people allege you need special brains to understand math.
That is nonsence! You only need a good teacher who gives good explanation.
A well composed text can teach you as well.

Everybody can learn math
Do not allow anybody to convince you that you could not learn math.
That is rubbish. Everybody can learn it. You too.

Math is a game
If you want to play a card game, monopoly or chess,
then you have to learn the rules of the game.
It is impossible to play these games without knowing the ground rules.
The same applies to math, because math is a game.
Take care to learn to know the math rules well and learn to apply them.
Doing this you can become a whiz at math.

Make sure that you understand the meanings of new words and symbols.
Make sure you know what can be done and what cannot.

Mathematics is a secret language
Mathematics is not only a game but as well a kind of secret language
The mystery will disappear soon, if you learn what the signs mean.
Some characters or symbols you already know:
the ten digits, numbers, + - × or * : or ÷ = % ° £ € and $ dm2 cm3
Maybe you know these signs already:
‰ < and >
A hint
If you learn new math rules, it is convenient to write them in a special 'rules notebook'.
You can find them later at any time.
When you understand them, they can make you happy and smart.

What can you do with math?
Mathematics provides many applications. Some examples are:
solving a sudoku,
counting and arithmetic,
making and understanding formulas,
investigating all kinds of figures such as triangles, rectangles and circles,
the study of all kinds of spatial figures such as blocks and cubes, spheres and cones,
considering how many ways you can sit at a round table with six people,
considering how likely is it that for example the result is eight when you throw two dice,
learning to read and making graphs and charts,
researching collections,
... .

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