Do miracles exist?

To assess whether miracles exist, at first we must ask ourselves what a miracle is. There are several
possible answers. The definition of miracles determines whether miraclesdo exist or not.

Sometimes something happens extremely unlikely:
- A certain person wins the lottery;
- All Dutch go on a day trip to Budapest;
- All the lakes freeze in the Netherlands on July 15th;
- Two white parents have a black child of their own;
- A major accident survival and nothing wrong with him;
- You get money return from the tax, while expecting additional payment;
- Heat flows from a colder object to a hotter thing;
Each of them you can call a miracle.
The smaller the probability, the greater the miracle.
This kind of miracles does exist.

An American construction worker from Truckee has survived a serious industrial accident miraculously. The 41-year-old Ron Hunt fell off a ladder with his head on a drill of 46 cm. He lost his eye, but has no brain damage. On a ladder Hunt was drilling two feet above his head when the ladder began to wobble. Immediately he threw aside the drill such as construction workers learned. Unfortunately Hunt fell with his face down the ladder on the drill. The drill with a diameter of four inches according to doctors brains are not pierced but pushed aside.

Magicians and illusionists show some tricks which all amaze us, they are so wonderful. These
tricks are not real miracles because in an ingenious and entertaining way we have been taken in.

Sometimes people tell wonderful stories of miracles in it. But the narrator can fantasize,
tell a tale, exaggerate, mistake or can be flatly lying, make themselves interesting because
after all it is wonderful to be named in the newspaper or even to retrieve the history, find scammers.
Notorious are the deniers of the Holocaust.

A nice example is the case of George Adamski. In 1959 he claimed to have been on the planet Venus.
Exuberantly he told his travelogues at the former Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.
Today we know that a visit to Venus is extremely dangerous and therefore extremely unlikely. It is
very hot, the atmospheric pressure is roughly one hundred times on earth.
And there is no oxygen while it rains sulfuric acid.

You can call a happening a miracle if you cannot explain it. However it may be that you are missing
information or insight. What a person cannot explain, the other one could because he knows more.
Perhaps no one can explain. But what is 'nobody'? Did you everyone consult? Consider the miracle of
procreation and the actions of the human brains. We can describe quite nice but we understand very little

I myself call an event a miracle when something occurs mocking the rules of physics. Some examples.
  • A rock moves up while the upward forces are smaller than gravity.
  • A blind person who can perceive the difference between red and green.
  • An implosion of an inner tube of a car.
  • A car using water as fuel.
  • A string which always gives higher sound by itself.
  • A flat triangle whose angles are together 190 º.
Probably you know many miracles in the Bible. There are skeptics who seriously doubt the biblical
miracles. Sometimes they are so sympathetic to take the reports seriously and then they try to find
a rational explanation for the strange phenomena which usually are called miracles.

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