Miscellaneous facts

Eleven fingers
Count back the fingers of one hand from ten to six.
Add the five fingers of your other hand.
Then you have together eleven fingers.
Thinking about thinking
When I think about thinking then I think:
how difficult is thinking!.
A horse has a much bigger head than I have,
so I leave the thinking to a horse.
A truth of Lao Tzu
If you are depressed,
you are living in the past.
If you are anxious,
you are living in the future.
If you are at peace,
you are living in the present.
Brains give you the ability
to observe,
to remember, to reproduce and to process,
to argue, to discourse and to reason,
and last but not least
to create new concepts or art.
A pentagonal fractal
A healthy living
Less alcohol, more tea.
Less anger, more laughter.
Less driving, more walking.
Less meat, more vegetables.
Less soda, more water.
Less sugar, more fruit.
Less talk, more action.
Less worry, more sleep.
Vitamine B1 or thiamine
Use 50 to 100 mg of cheap
vitamine B1 or thiamine to
prevent mosquito bites during
the mosquito period in the summer
The use of the comma:

They keep silent when they eat,
the children.
They keep silent when they eat
the children.
Shalom, peace, Frieden,
paz, paix, мир
A wreath of 14 perfect
connecting heptagons

Israel and its neighbours
When the neighbours of Israel disarms,
there will be peace.
When Israel disarms, it will vanish completely.
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