Why do we think something is nice or ugly?

Between your birth and 'now' you got constantly new impressions.
The sum of the total formation determines how you are and what you think.
If you see a new item you get a first impression.
Your entire history and that first impression determine how you estimate that object.
You always come from somewhere from ugly to beautiful beautiful.
You evolve thanks to new impressions.

A very strong 'force' that influences you is the advertising.
Advertising is the trendsetter and also the offers from shops and museums determines
for the formation of your taste.

A second very strong 'force' that influences you is repetition.
Caused indoctrination, brainwashing. You become more and more convinced.

A third powerful 'force' that influences you, the social group to which you belong.
The Group determines such a significant fashion.
One in the group is often determining what is beautiful and fashionable.
The single solo tripper is often out of tune, because that does not fit into the social picture.

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