How do people cope with grief that has arisen as a result of a happened disaster? How someone processed
the loss of a child due to death or because the child has been vanished permanent without a trace?

When someone get hurt he feels an acute pain. Immediately after that the feeling fades away slowly.
Usually within a few minutes the pain sensation left the body after a small accident.
Children crying after being hurt as a relaxation therapy - a bandage and a kiss, sometimes a sweet,
actually some attention, - and in most cases the suffering is over.

In anguish, sorrow so, same thing happens, only the 'relaxation' time is much longer.
In all those cases the general statement 'Time heals all wounds' works out pretty good.
However, a strong memory and constant mutual feed back between two people sharing the sorrow,
the reduction time of the feeling can be almost lifelong.

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