Super lies

In love and war everything is allowed
This disgusting lie is a huge mistake to motivate your own pushy act. Who does 'everything' to achieve
its goal during a war, may emerge as a war criminal. The international war crimes tribunals in The Hague
show that frequent. Here it is not necessary to explain in detail.

For an individual who believes anything is allowed in war and love, only a norm or value is:
the law of the strongest as in the animal world. Worse even: an animal kill only and
exclusively to satisfy its hunger. A war criminal is someone who tortures, a sadist
and power-mad of the worst kind.

If someone destroys an existing love by applying the principle 'in war and love everything is allowed'
he is a boundless egoist who just wants more and more and never is saturated. This figure will never be
satisfied. This person has no idea of charity and self-sacrifice.
The egoist is the source of much grief and misery.

Swearing does not hurt
Swearing seems not o hurt physically but at least the soul can be pretty hurt.
The scolding hurts the most when in the scolding is hidden some truth.
Incidentally has been discovered that mental pain is felt in the same part of brains as physical pain.
Swearing is an aspect of bullying. Bullying causes suffering and can even be the cause of suicide.

By working nobody ever died
For example just ask the families of the convicts who worked on the Burma railway during the occupation
by the Japanese during World War II. Thousands of war prisoners died from complete exhaustion,
deprivation and inhumane coercion.

We all are the same
In many civilized countries before the law we all are the same.
Unfortunately in practice this is not always nor everywhere the case.

In our biological structure largely we have been compiled according the same construction principles.
Fortunately for the doctors they do not need to study different anatomies for each individual.
Nevertheless, there are enormous individual differences :
rich - poor, healthy - sick, thick - thin, small - large, ... .
Psychologically we also hugely differ: hard work, ambition, intelligence, skin color,
sexual orientation, variety of needs, occupation, religion and other ideas.
What would be our human existence unlikely boring when we were all the same!
Fortunately we are not clones.

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