Reactions from readers and visitors

March 20 2013 Erik W and March 18 2013 El Mar
Due to their remarks Trio Physics has been changed radically. Their remarks lost their meaning. Nevertheless thanks.

Questions asked during a lecture on March 5th 2013 about TRIO PHYSICS

The visitors in 'Lokaal Ambrosius' in Groningen were anonymous.

Visitor 1 What's the point of your theory in physics?
The three-dimensional trio theory is considerably simpler than the current theories.

Visitor 2 Due to what all nuclei do not shrink to one point?
This same problem also exists with the current nuclear forces.
Think about centripetal force.

Visitor 2 Why is there no antimatter while there are oppositely charged trioes of the same type?
It is superfluous. Positive and negative charges including anti parallel spins are enough.

Visitor 2 How equitopes can be separated?
Equitopes only differ in charge distribution in the nuclei.
To me current techniques make separation of equitopes not feasible and why would you want?
There is not any reason to separate them for the time being.
The problem looks like the separation of optical isomeres or enantiomeres
(spatial mirror images of molecules).

Visitor 3 compared the acceleration of an ion in an electric field (causing an observable
increase of mass) with 'the problem of raindrops': do you become wetter if you move faster?

End reactions about the lecture.

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